General Terms of Conditions (GTC)

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of MORYAK GmbH

1. General
1.1 Subject of these GTC
The following general terms and conditions regulate the business relationships between MORYAK GmbH (hereinafter "MORYAK") and its customers (hereinafter "participants" or "you").

1.2 Explanations of frequently used terms
1.2.1 Programme
We use the term “Programmes” to group together all of our bookable offerings – typically sea kayak tours and sea kayak courses (to distinguish between the two terms, see Sections 1.2.2 and 1.2.3). Their respective contents result from the programme descriptions communicated on the website.

Unless otherwise advertised, a
one-day programme begins with the official welcoming of the participants at the place of action and ends with the clearing of the boats.

Multi-day programmes are to be understood as a sequence of individual tour or course days, each of which begins on the shore with an instruction and ends with the clearing of the gear. In addition, ancillary services such as introduction and feedback rounds as well as advice (e.g. the development of a training plan) can take place (see Section 3.1). Unless expressly defined otherwise in the programme description, there are no other services (see also Section 3). The number of course and tour days in a multi-day programme results from the programme description.

1.2.2 Camps and Tours
For programmes lasting several days (usually abroad) we normally differentiate between “camps” and “tours”:

  • A camp is always organised as a stationary camp. This means that we carry out daily changing day-programmes on the water and return to our base (e.g. at a campsite) after paddling. The vast majority of our camps are multi-day courses with specific teaching content and topics. In individual cases, however, there are also camps where we simply offer or carry out several day tours without specific teaching content, as described in the respective programme description.
  • The situation is different when a programme is advertised as a tour. Here we paddle with our equipment, food and water in several stages from the starting point to the end-destination and spend the nights in different places. The details of this can be found in the respective programme description. It also applies here that our services are limited to carrying out the individual daily stages on the water. Normally our tours are not designed as courses. This means that here we practice what we have already learned in the courses. Exceptions – such as our multi-day touring courses (e.g. "Introduction to Nordic Touring" or the "Expedition Skills Week") – confirm the rule.

1.2.3 Courses
MORYAK offers various courses in Switzerland and abroad. These can be day and weekend courses (usually in Switzerland) or courses lasting several days (usually abroad). Our courses are all about teaching various subjects related to sea kayaking. So it makes sense that most of our courses take place on the water. In addition, we also offer theory and other courses (e.g. navigation, first aid, expedition skills, etc.) on land, which are also clearly related to sea kayaking.

1.2.4 Guide, guide team, trip leader
These terms all refer to the tour or course management used by MORYAK. This can consist of one or more guides (guide team). If the programme is managed by a team of guides, a trip leader is always appointed in advance, who takes on the leading role in the team and has the authority to make decisions on site on important issues (e.g. in connection with the feasibility of a planned programme or a specific stage). If a tour is only led by one guide, this is always automatically a trip leader.

2. Registrations
2.1 Registration Process
Registration for our programmes is done via the registration window on our website.

Registration via the channels (website, email, etc.) of our partners
Siesta Oppi Kanu Shop GmbH and Paddelprofi is also legally valid.

In individual cases, registration by e-mail is also legally valid. In any case, the general terms and conditions of MORYAK apply, which you accept with your registration.

Please note that the contract between you and MORYAK is only finally concluded after we have checked whether you meet the participation requirements and have given you our consent for your participation in the booked programme by sending you the booking confirmation and invoice.

2.2 Verification of the fulfillment of the participation requirements
After receiving your registration, MORYAK will check whether your previous knowledge, experience, physical fitness and state of health meet the requirements of the booked tour.

If, after examining the filled-out questionnaire, we come to the conclusion that you do not meet the participation requirements or that there are health concerns about the safe execution of the booked tour, we can refuse you participation in the booked programme and, if necessary, suggest an alternative. In this case, you are not obliged to accept this offer. If no suitable or mutually acceptable programme can be found in this way, the registration is considered void and no booking or cancellation fee is due.

The participation requirements are described separately for each programme. However, as a bare minimum for all of our programmes, swimming skills are required.

2.3 Fully Booked Programmes
MORYAK endeavors to mark fully booked programmes as "fully booked" on its website (and possibly the website of our partners and agents) as quickly as possible. However, should it happen that a programme is already fully booked when you register, you have no right to participate. We will then inform you as soon as possible and, if necessary, look for a suitable alternative programme together with you. In this case, you are not obliged to accept this offer. If no suitable or mutually acceptable programme can be found in this way, the registration is considered void and no booking or cancellation fee is due.

3. Definition and delimitation of benefits
3.1 Services provided by MORYAK
The website is a platform for booking sea kayak courses and sea kayak tours, which are carried out by us ourselves. The service to be provided refers to the description of the booked programme. However, MORYAK reserves the right to change programmes (and thus booked services) in individual cases, especially if the situation on site and our internal security rules require this. This can be, for example, weather-related changes to advertised tours or tour sections, or a flexible course design that is based on the given conditions and/or the special needs of the participants. In principle, MORYAK strives to deliver the best possible services within the framework of the advertised programme – but the safety of our participants and employees always comes first.

3.1.1 Main Services
The main services of MORYAK are always sea kayak tours and/or courses according to the programme description. These usually always take place on or near a body of water and, unless otherwise stated, begin with the handing out of boats and equipment and end with the return and clearing of the gear. In addition, courses closely related to sea kayaking that do not take place on the water can also be offered. This results from the respective programme description.

3.1.2 Ancillary Services
According to Art. 19 Para. 4 VAT Act, ancillary services are always part services that are closely related to the main service and are not to be understood as separate main services. Accordingly, various ancillary services may also be included in our offers. Typical examples of this are: The provision of a group kitchen tent in which course units can be held in bad weather, introduction and welcome rounds, planning or feedback discussions or the transport of the kayaks with our vehicles from the base camp to the water and back.

3.1.3 No Tourist Services
Apart from the main services defined under 3.1.1 together with the ancillary services outlined under 3.1.2, no further services are provided. In particular, no tourist services are offered or even bundled into a package. MORYAK never offers overnight stays or passenger transport, which is why MORYAK is in no way to be understood as a tour operator within the meaning of the federal law on package tours.

3.2 No Package Travel
MORYAK is not a tour operator, but only a provider of kayak tours and courses. Our offers are aimed at paddlers with a thirst for adventure and a sense of community, not package tourists.

"No Package Travel" means in particular:
  • Our services are limited to the services specified and published in the respective programme description - usually a sea kayak tour or a sea kayak course - and service periods. Depending on the advertisement, a MORYAK programme can last for one or more days, but is always limited to our services on or on the water or at the course location during the programme days and course times advertised in the programme.
  • MORYAK is not responsible for your accommodation. You are responsible for arranging your own accommodation at the course or tour location. We have no influence on the quality of the accommodation and therefore decline any responsibility for it. At campsites, participants pay for the accommodation they have chosen (tent, camper, bungalow, etc.) themselves and settle accounts directly with the operator of the facility. In the case of holiday homes rented jointly by the group, billing is done internally.
  • MORYAK is not a passenger transport company. The arrival and departure to/from the programme as well as any transport ("shuttles") on site are the responsibility of the participants and not a service of the organiser.
  • The catering on our offers is in principle the responsibility of the participants. Normally we provide our customers with the possibility to organise their catering in the group. This means that the participants can set up a group cash-box (the „kitty“) for joint purchases and cook together. However, no one is obliged to make use of this option. Our employees can also participate in the group catering in this way – privately and after work. However, this does not result in any obligation on the part of MORYAK, in the sense that our staff would be responsible for the kitchen work.
  • A tour or course (= "programme" = our services) begins and ends on the water with the provision or clearing of the boats and the gear or after the end of a teaching unit on land. This also applies to multi-day offers. After the paddling or course and the clearing and transport of the gear, our guides have finished work and are encouraged to relax for the next day on the water.

4. Security
4.1 Risk Management & Security Concept
Security is paramount in all of our programmes. In order to minimise the risk of accidents and distress at sea as much as possible, MORYAK always adheres to clearly defined safety standards when planning and implementing its programmes. Central here is our stringent security concept, which is primarily based on three pillars:

  • First-class training of the guides (see 4.1.1)
  • Segmentation of our offer in experience levels ("Levels") (see 4.1.2)
  • Application of a dynamic risk management system with specific security parameters for each skill level (see 4.1.3)

As an officially authorised
ISKGA National Training Center Switzerland, MORYAK thus fulfills the highest requirements in terms of training and safety standards of the International Sea Kayak Guide Association (ISKGA). MORYAK also meets the requirements as an official Personal Performance Awards Provider of British Canoeing (BC).

4.1.1 Training standard of the MORYAK guides
All our guides and trip leaders are trained and certified as British Canoeing (BC) Sea Kayak Leaders (or higher) and/or International Sea Kayak Guide Association (ISKGA) Coastal Guides (and higher). As part of our role as the only Swiss ISKGA guide training center (see above), we also work with trainees who have already completed one of the two training courses mentioned above but have not yet passed the exam. However, these trainees are only used as co-guides, accompanied by an already certified guide (=tripader) who is authorised to make decisions in all matters.

In addition, all our guides are trained and current in outdoor first aid and CPR. The minimum standard is the
Wilderness First Aid certificate, which must be renewed every three years at the latest by attending a four-day update course.

In addition, all MORYAK guides leading tours and courses at sea have attended at least once the four-day ISKGA course "Incident Management", which is considered to be one of the most intensive courses in the field of rescue and emergency management in sea kayaking in the world.

4.1.2 levels
An elementary part of our risk management concept is the division of our programme into different levels of experience, called "levels". We distinguish between the following levels:

level Blue
level Green
level Red
Level Black

Level Blue is suitable for beginners with no previous experience (and higher). Swimming skills are the minimum requirement. These programmes only take place in very sheltered waters (according to the British Canoeing "Very Sheltered" water definition *). Typically these are lakes, lagoons or sea areas that are shielded from the open sea (e.g. Inner Archipelago, Sweden)

Level Green is suitable for all paddlers who have already attended a basic course and have gained some experience in sea kayaking on calm waters. Typically, at this level, the transition from lake to sea takes place first and further experience is gained, gradually making the step from Sheltered Water* to Moderate Water*.

Level Red is aimed at paddlers with at least 10 days of sea experience. These intermediate level programmes usually take place on moderate water*. This means that experience is gained in increasingly difficult conditions, while at the same time the technical foundation of the participants is consolidated.

Level Black is our advanced programme. This is where the transition to Advanced Water* takes place. All of our black programmes are led by at least one Advanced Sea Kayak Leader and/or ISKGA Advanced Guide and have a maximum guide-to-participant ratio of 1:4. At Level Black, we expect you to be able to paddle independently in moderate conditions and (at least most of the time) be able to roll. Furthermore, we expect that you are familiar with the use of safety equipment and that you can effectively help a capsised or injured fellow paddler, since you have already attended a rescue course or our Incident Management Week.

* The Environmental Definitions of British Canoeing apply as a basis for assessment, see:

Please understand that we can never influence the actually prevailing conditions and therefore cannot give any guarantees for their existence.

4.1.3 Dynamic Risk Management System
There is an internal safety paper for all levels listed in 4.1.2, which specifies the respective parameters that must be given for the safe implementation of a programme. Our guides are required to check these both before the start and continuously during any activity on the water. If these are not given, or if it becomes apparent that they will no longer be given in the next few hours, the planned or already started activity on the water must be modified in such a way that it can be carried out safely again. If this is not possible, the programme must be stopped.

4.2 Safety Equipment
Personal Floating Devices (PFDs) are compulsory during all of our activities on the water (exception: rolling courses in shallow waters near shore).

Even if we sometimes may speak of "life jackets" colloquially, we always means a "Personal Floating Devices". And by this we mean a buoyancy aid made specifically for paddling with a minimum buoyancy of 50N, which complies with the EN 393 or ISO 12402-5 standards. Such buoyancy aids are specifically intended for use by experienced swimmers who are close to shore or have help and rescue equipment in close proximity. These garments have minimal bulk but are of limited use in choppy water and cannot be expected to keep the user secure for long periods of time. They don't have enough buoyancy to protect people who can't help themselves. They require active swimming and are not faint-proof, meaning they won't automatically turn you onto your back. A buoyancy aid according to EN 393 or ISO 12402-5 must not be confused with a "life jacket" (e.g. for offshore sailing).

In addition, helmets are mandatory as soon as we paddle near rocks or in the surf zone. This helmets must be made specifically for paddling. Climbing, cycling and other helmets are not accepted.

In addition, there are specific requirements for each programme regarding the minimum equipment of the participants (e.g. neoprene obligation, dry suit obligation, etc.). On the one hand, these are defined in advance and communicated to the participants in the run-up to the programme. However, they can also be adjusted on site by the guide team or trip leader, according to the prevailing conditions, according to the parameters of our internal safety regulations.

It is within the trip leader's decision-making power to exclude individual participants or to abandon a programme if it turns out that they or the entire group are not adequately equipped for the conditions encountered and this results in a safety risk or if it is likely that such a risk will develop.

4.3 Modification and Discontinuation of Programmes
The responsible guide or trip leader has the full authority to change or cancel a programme for safety reasons at any time (see also Sections 6.2 and 6.3). Our risk management matrix, which defines different security parameters for each of our levels (see sections 4.1.2 and 4.1.3), serves as a basis for decision-making.

Should you nevertheless decide to go on the water alone or with other participants without a MORYAK guide, this will be done as a private activity for which MORYAK assumes no responsibility (see also section 5.2).

4.4 The "challenge by choice" principle
"Challenge by choice" is what we call the principle that you ultimately always decide for yourself what you do and don't do when paddling as part of our programmes. Even if your guide comes to the conclusion that an activity is feasible for you or encourages you to perform a certain maneuver as part of an exercise, for example between the rocks or in the surf, you alone decide in the end whether you do it or not. Even if it is always our goal, especially as part of our courses, to expand your comfort zone together with you and try out new things (which may often take some courage and effort at the beginning): You will never be persuaded or even forced by your MORYAK guide to do anything you don't want to. However, this also means that you are ultimately responsible for your own actions.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 Disclaimer: Participate at your own risk
MORYAK's liability for property damage and personal injury is generally excluded (restriction: see Section 5.7). Participation in all of our programmes is at your own risk.

5.1.1 Questionnaires
In order to keep the risk for you and the other participants as low as possible, you have to fill out a questionnaire about your previous sporting experience every time you register. Later, i.e. usually a few weeks before the start of the program, you will also receive a medical questionnaire. The information collected here should help us to help you as quickly and effectively as possible in the event of a medical emergency and to initiate the right measures.

5.1.2 Waiver
Like most outdoor sports, sea kayaking involves certain risks that cannot be completely ruled out, even with conscientious preparation and professional supervision. You should be aware of this before you paddle with us and that's why before any activity with MORYAK we require your signature on a waiver, without which you can't get on the water with us. On this form you declare that you are aware that paddling sport involves certain risks, including injury, hypothermia, drowning, etc., and that you knowingly accept them. You must also declare that you...

  • feel in good health and sufficiently fit and prepared for the planned activity (as advertised),
  • Are not under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs,
  • you can swim at least 50 meters unassisted
  • and that you have sufficiently informed MORYAK about all your relevant previous illnesses and health problems.

5.1.3 Accident Insurance
When participating in all our programmes, accident insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

5.1.4 Rescue and rescue cost insurance
In order to save lives, we do not hesitate to call the emergency services when in doubt. However, this also means: All costs incurred in the event of a sea rescue, search and rescue operation, a medical emergency or an accident, including treatment and hospital costs as well as the costs of transport back home, are at your expense, even if the deployment was carried out by MORYAK or should it subsequently turn out that it was not absolutely necessary. We strongly recommend that you take out rescue and recovery insurance that covers search and rescue (SAR) operations at sea, even if no actual accident has taken place. Please note that international health insurance companies usually do not cover rescue costs unless you are injured or otherwise require medical assistance.

5.2 Extended exclusion of liability: Private activities outside of the tour/course programme
MORYAK also strictly rejects any liability for any private activities that arise outside of the programme we carry out according to the advertisement. This includes damage to yourself, other people and property.

MORYAK assumes responsibility exclusively for the official activities offered in the tour programme or additionally on site. All activities offered by MORYAK and its employees, which are either provided for in the tour or course programme or are offered to the participants as daily activities, are considered official activities. MORYAK assumes no liability for private activities that are carried out, organised and carried out by the participants independently or in a group in addition to the offered programme.

This disclaimer applies in particular, but not exclusively, to:

  • Swimming, private paddling or practice and private activities on the water, before, after or outside of a MORYAK-led programme, including during lunch breaks;
  • Private land activities such as excursions, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, biking;
  • Private transport to or from the water, by car, bike, public transport or on foot;
  • making fires, cooking, preparing food, setting up tents, dining out and other activities;
  • All other private activities (on land and water) before and after the MORYAK-led programme on the water;
  • Damage (allergies, food poisoning, etc.) caused by the consumption of communally prepared food before, during or after a MORYAK programme.

5.3 Damage to Your Equipment
You use your own gear at your own risk. This means that if you come to our programmes with your own boat and gear and you incur damage to it while participating or arriving, you are responsible for this. MORYAK is also not responsible for theft or the loss of private property that was lost before, during or after the MORYAK-led programme, even if the property was in MORYAK vehicles.

Likewise, MORYAK is not responsible for damage to or loss of private gear (kayaks, paddles, equipment, luggage, etc.) that occur before, during or after our programme or during transport to the place of action or to the water. In particular, any liability related to damage to mobile phones, cameras, car keys and other electronics taken on the water is declined.

5.4 Damage to Our Gear
On request, MORYAK will provide you with high-quality boats and flawless equipment (for conditions, see 7.3). All items of equipment that are handed out to you at the start of the tour or course must be entered in a gear log to be signed by you, provided by the tour or course leader.

We assume that you will treat our gear with reasonable care. Of course, when using boats and gear, minor damage such as scratches and scrapes occur – especially when paddling between rocks, which is often part of our courses. That's okay and, in fact, even unavoidable. Therefore, minor damage (e.g. gel coat repairs of up to 1 hour working time) are always at our expense.

However, if you handle the gear made available to you improperly or negligently (e.g. landing with force on a pebble beach or a concrete ramp, landing with an extended skeg, "paddle bridge" when entering your kayak, etc.) or major damage (holes, cracks, large gel coat damage, broken paddles, damaged skegs including cable pull etc.), it is your responsibility to either repair them professionally yourself or to pay for the repairs. Our workshop's rate of 120 CHF/h plus gear costs applies here. The prices listed in the gear log apply to lost or irreparably destroyed gear.

5.5 Damage to someone else's property
Moryak disclaims any liability for damage to third-party property that you cause before, during or after one of our programmes. This includes damage to the gear of other participants or e.g. to boats lying in the harbour, marinas, campsite installations, jetties or parked cars (etc.). In this context, we strongly recommend that you take out liability insurance.

5.6 Disclaimer in relation to Covid 19
Moryak disclaims any liability for health, financial or other damage arising in connection with a Covid disease or any quarantine/isolation during or after participation in one of our programmes.

5.7 Restriction
The limitation of liability formulated in Section 5 does not apply to damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health that is based on an intentional or negligent breach of duty by MORYAK, a legal representative or a vicarious agent of MORYAK.

6. Exclusion of participants, withdrawal, programme cancellations and programme changes

6.1 Weather, Natural Disasters, Crises and Force Majeure
If, due to storms, political unrest and crisis situations, floods, nuclear accidents, natural disasters or other situations, there are fears in advance that the safe implementation of a planned programme cannot be guaranteed, the organiser is entitled to cancel it at any time. In this case, you will not incur any cancellation costs. Payments you have already made will be refunded in full. If possible, MORYAK will offer you an alternative programme. In this case, however, you are not obliged to participate.

In case of deteriorating weather or other events that endanger the safe further implementation (or partial implementation) of a programme, MORYAK is entitled to make changes to its course (e.g. route changes, schedule changes, cancellation, etc.) at any time, without you being able to assert claims for reimbursement. This is an essential part of our dynamic risk management. The decision-making power is subject to the trip leader or guide team on site, consultation with the management is not necessary.

6.2 Exclusion of Participants
Before the start of your tour or course, you are obliged to confirm with your signature that you are neither under the influence of alcohol nor drugs and that you are physically fit enough to participate in the planned programme. Without your confirmation you will not be able to participate in the planned activity.

The guide team is also entitled to exclude you from participating in an activity at any time if it turns out that you have given false information on the previously completed and returned questionnaire or do not meet the participation requirements for the advertised programme for other reasons or suspected that you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or medication. The same applies if you do not carry appropriate personal equipment (as listed in the respective programme description or in the booking confirmation) or endanger the group’s safety through your behavior or insult or harass other participants or the guide team. MORYAK has a clear zero tolerance limit, especially for racist, sexist or homophobic statements and attacks. In all of these cases, you cannot assert any repayment claims.

If you are late at the agreed meeting point, you will lose your right to participate in the programme. There is no entitlement to a price reduction or refund.

6.3 Cancellations
6.3.1 Cancellation Costs
If you withdraw from a booked programme, you will be charged the following cancellation costs:

  • Day or weekend courses or trips: From receipt of booking up to 7 days before the start of the programme: 50% of the programme costs, thereafter 100%.
  • All programmes 3-8 days duration: From receipt of booking up to 14 days before the start of the programme: 50% of the programme costs, thereafter 100%.
  • All programmes 9 days and longer: From receipt of booking up to 30 days before the start of the programme: 50% of the programme costs, thereafter 100%.

If you fail to appear, arrive late or leave the programme early, there is no entitlement to a price reduction or reimbursement of costs. The same applies if you miss parts of a multi-day programme because, for example, you become ill in the middle of a tour or a course or you are temporarily unwell.

In order to avoid these costs, we strongly recommend that all participants take out travel cancellation insurance.

6.3.2 Replacements
In order to avoid cancellation costs, you have the opportunity to suggest a qualified replacement person up to 7 days before the start of the programme. "Qualified" means: They must meet the participation requirements of the respective programme. MORYAK is not obliged to accept the proposed person.

6.4 Cancellation of the tour by the organiser in case of too few registrations
If the minimum number of participants specified in the advertisement is not reached, we are not obliged to carry out the programme in question. In this context, a deadline of 7 days before the start of the program applies for the cancellation by the organizer.

In this case, payments already made by the customer will be refunded in full. Further compensation claims are excluded.

7. Prices
The prices and conditions communicated in the respective advertisement apply.

7.1 Value Added Tax
Since MORYAK is exempt from VAT, our prices do not include VAT.

7.2 Surcharges
If the minimum number of participants for a certain program is not reached, it may still be possible to carry it out if the participants agree to pay a certain surcharge. This is calculated in advance by MORYAK and suggested to the participants. They are not obliged to accept this proposal. Likewise, in this case, MORYAK is not obliged to carry out the program in question (see 6.4).

7.3 Rental prices for kayaks and gear
7.3.1 Use of our kayaks on programmes abroad
We do not rent out kayaks outside of Switzerland. All of our programs abroad include the use of a kayak, paddle, spray deck, buoyancy aid, wetsuit, paddle jacket and neoprene shoes in the normal price. Before the program starts, you will receive a link to an online gear order form from us so that we know what material to pack and bring for you. If you need less than the items listed above, no price reduction is possible.

However, a price reduction (usually CHF 150) is possible if you bring and use your own kayak and equipment. The prices and conditions communicated in the respective programme advertisement apply.

7.3.2 Programmes in Switzerland
Kayak rental is not normally included in our programmes in Switzerland (exception: basic courses). It is possible to rent a "package" consisting of a kayak, paddle and spray deck from us for participation in our courses. The following prices apply for this:

• One day (minimum): 60 CHF
• Whole weekend: 90 CHF
• Three days or longer: by arrangement or in the text of the advertisement

Swimming aid, helmet, wetsuit, paddle jacket and neoprene shoes are always included in our programs in Switzerland (see also 7.3.5).

7.3.3 Kayak rental outside of MORYAK programmes
Basically, there is also the possibility to rent a kayak from MORYAK outside of our programmes for private purposes. The following prices apply here:

During the season (April 1st to November 30th):
  • One week (minimum): 300 CHF
  • Two weeks: 500 CHF
  • Over two weeks: By arrangement

Out of season (December 1st to March 31st):
  • One week (minimum): 150 CHF
  • Two weeks: 220 CHF
  • Over two weeks: By arrangement
  • Winter rent: 700 CHF

Otherwise, the conditions of the respective rental agreement apply.

7.3.4 Dry suit rental
To participate in our programmes, you can rent a dry suit from us if you reserve in advance. Unless otherwise specified in the programme description, the following prices apply:

  • One day: 60 CHF
  • Weekend: 90 CHF
  • Three days: 120 CHF
  • One week: 150 CHF
  • Two weeks: 220 CHF

7.3.5 Other Gear
The use of paddles, neoprene suits, neoprene shoes, buoyancy aids, helmets, spray decks and other gear that is necessary for the safe and professional implementation of our programmes is always included in the normal price of the course or tour.

8. Payment Deadlines, Default, Reminders
You can find the applicable payment deadline on our invoice. This period applies regardless of whether the service has already been provided by MORYAK or not.

After this period has expired, you are automatically in default without the need for a separate reminder. We reserve the right to demand the statutory interest on arrears and reminder fees for additional processing from this point in time.

In order to avoid it getting that far in the first place: Talk to us if you have problems with the payment. We will try to find a solution.

9. Business Liability Insurance MORYAK
MORYAK has business liability insurance of CHF 5,000,000. In the event of damage, the participant can be charged a lump sum of CHF 500.

10. Final Provisions
10.1 Severability Clause
Should a provision of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remainder. The ineffective provision will be replaced by an effective provision that comes as close as possible to the purpose of the ineffective provision. The same applies to any gaps.

10.2 Jurisdiction
Place of jurisdiction is Berne. Swiss law is applicable.

Last changes: 15th January 2023

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