++ We will do whatever we can do in good conscience – and you will have the freedom to choose at all times – no pressure ++

We simply will not travel to countries or regions for which there are explicit travel warnings, or quarantine regulations which would apply on our return. If a country ends up on the “red list” and we end up having to cancel a tour, we will organise a replacement. You are not obliged to accept the replacement, however.

++ No cancellation fees = no risk ++

The corona situation is extremely dynamic, and is constantly changing. You might have been very enthusiastic and optimistic when you made your booking a few weeks or months ago – but now, just before setting off, you’re looking at the latest numbers and suddenly you are not so sure any more. We understand, and we can promise you this: if you book a MORYAK trip, but then find that you no longer feel comfortable about travelling, you’ll be able to cancel at any time and we will give you your money back. The same applies if we end up cancelling things at our end, of course.

++ No suicide missions ++

We will do only those things which we can justify in terms of the applicable laws, our own COVID-19 safety concept, and common sense. We want to be able to enjoy life and travel – but this doesn’t mean that we are not obliged to act rationally and responsibly. Quite the contrary: we will do our bit to help get the pandemic under control precisely because of our need for freedom.


++ General ++

Camps and tours planned for locations which the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health has categorised as risk areas will be moved to new locations or (if this isn’t possible) cancelled. If such a categorisation is made whilst we are already in the area in question, we will make sure that we leave the area affected as quickly as possible.

++ Tracing ++

Before each activity, the contact data of all those taking part will be collected. This list will be stored for at least 21 days and will be forwarded to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health if the information is requested, or in the event of a participant being taken ill.

++ Tours and camps taking place abroad ++

In the interests all group members, we recommend that all participants who have not been vaccinated undergo a rapid test for the coronavirus before the trip. This is straightforward, costs very little, is much less uncomfortable than people generally assume, and it generates a degree of confidence for everyone: the group, the guides, and any local people we might meet. This is a recommendation, however, not something we demand. We appeal to the team spirit of all participants, but we won’t be checking up on anyone or making an issue of it.

++ Distancing ++

On dry land:
When equipment is being distributed, during briefings, and during warm-ups, the usual rules apply: maintain a distance of 1.5 metres.
In enclosed spaces, the rules are the same as those for restaurants: masks must be worn until we are sitting at our table.

No hugs:
Even if we find this a difficult one to follow – we won’t be hugging until further notice. No exceptions!

On the water:
Paddling and instruction will be carried out in such a way that the minimum distance can be maintained.

Shuttle services:
The way we have things organised, car journeys to our destinations and from camp to the water (etc.) are organised privately by those taking part, and do not constitute a part of the services we provide. They are therefore not our responsibility. It is nevertheless in our interest to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, which is why we make it clear to participants that masks should be worn whenever members of more than one household are sitting in the same vehicle.

In camp:
Out in the open air, we generally have so much space that maintaining a healthy distance is no problem at all. However, masks do need to be kept handy so that they can be worn as soon as it is not possible to maintain the minimum distance.
We will not be sharing any bottles, glasses, or cutlery. Particular attention must be paid to hygiene when cooking, and especially when preparing uncooked foods, (picnics, salads etc.).
The same rules apply in a shared tent as do in enclosed public spaces and in restaurants.

++ Exclusion of participants with symptoms of illness ++

For reasons of safety, participants who develop symptoms of COVID-19 before or during a trip, will have to be excluded from our activities. If a participant becomes ill during a multi-day programme, it must be ensured that the person in question be immediately isolated from the rest of the group and then provided with medical treatment or taken back home to be isolated as soon as possible.
Cancellation fees etc.: our COVID promise
Our COVID safety concept
Cancellation fees etc.: our COVID promise
Our COVID safety concept



Now in Preview Mode*: Our programme for 2022!

* The associated pages with detailed information will be published here in the course of the next few weeks. If you have any questions about the individual programmes in the meantime, contact us!

* The associated pages with detailed information will be published here in the course of the next few weeks. If you have any questions about the individual programmes in the meantime, contact us!

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