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++ Our July week for advanced paddlers ++ ++ Tides less extreme than those of Big Tide Week in May, so a great week for everyone who is after a "gentler" transition to Level Black ++
++ Perfect in combination with our Sea Kayak Development Week – for everyone who has a fortnight to spare and wants to get a whole lot of training and experience under their belts ++

COST: 1290 CHF
Excluding travel to and from the destination, accommodation and food. Surcharge if fewer than 5 people attend: CHF 100

(consists of both Sea Kayak Development Week and Advanced Sea Kayak Trail Week 17–24 August 2021)

What is my level?



    • Intro
      This sea kayak week on the island of Jersey is the perfect transition from Level Red to Level Black. For all those of you who are not yet quite sure where you stand, and for those of you who would just appreciate a smooth transition into our advanced level. Here, you'll have plenty of time to practise and gather experience – the perfect complement to our Sea Kayak Development Week from the week before. Taken on its own, however, it is still the perfect opportunity for a week of fun in the waves, tide races and rock gardens of Jersey.

      As always, on Jersey, we'll be staying in wonderful, leafy Bakehouse Cottage in the south-west of the island, right on the edge of Violet Bank, the biggest rocky intertidal zone in Europe.
    • Day 1
      Day 1: Arrival
      Once you've arrived, you can ease yourself into getting everything ready: setting up kayaks and equipment, buying supplies, cooking, drinking ale and getting to know everyone... and settling into our beautiful cottage.
    • Day 2–7
      Day 2 to day 7
      During this week, we'll make use of the possibilities that the conditions offer us: there will be lots of technical paddling along the rocky shorelines and in the caves of the spectacular coast of northern Jersey. But surfing and messing around in the tide races, which won't be at full throttle this week, will also be part of the programme. Also (and, as always, only if Neptune's in the mood for it too) we'll be making crossings to the amazing offshore reefs e.g. to the Écréhous or to Les Dirouilles. This is going to mean that some "Advanced Navigation" will also be involved – even during neap tide, there's still plenty of cross current here. This is what sea kayaking is about: a new adventure every day, learning something new every day, consolidating what you've already learnt – all of which will take you further down the path to becoming a safe and competent sea kayaker.

      Everyone should be able to get plenty out of this week, whether it's working on your Action Plan from the Sea Kayak Development Week, or just having fun in your kayak and gaining more experience.
    • Day 8
      Day 8
      Travel back (independently organised)
    • More info
      Group size: Min. two participants, max. eight.

      The price includes
      boats, paddles, life jackets, spray decks and, if required, neoprene long johns, shoes, paddling jackets and helmets. Also, make sure you bring your own functional underwear (wool or snug-fitting fleece, NOT cotton!) and swimming costume.

      If you like, you can also rent a drysuit from us. Cost: CHF 120

      The kitty:
      As always, on Jersey we will also set up a kitty for meals. In fact, there will actually be two: one for food (€100 contribution per person) and one for alcohol (depending on how much you consume, or your best guess at it). Nobody is obliged to pay into the kitty, nor to eat together with us. But cooking and eating together after a strenuous day's paddling is just good fun, and not only does it help to strengthen our tired muscles; it also helps us to create a sense of community. Find more on this topic here.

      As you might expect, we can't make any guarantees in terms of weather or sea state. In order to ensure everyone's safety, our guide will decide how to carry out the planned programme locally on a daily basis, and whether to do so. As experienced sea kayakers, we know that Neptune always has the last word.

      Accident insurance
      is the responsibility of the participants. We also strongly recommend that you obtain travel cancellation insurance. Please read our GTC on the topic of cancellation fees, cancellation deadlines etc.
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    Special package Jersey Tides & Rocks Camp and Big Tide Week:
    You can also book a double dose of kayaking by booking the Advanced Sea Kayak Trail together with Sea Kayak Development Week, which always takes place the week before.
    Unsure whether your experience and skills are good enough for you to join us for the Advanced Sea Kayak Trail? Then book both weeks and we'll make sure we bring you up to speed during the first week! When booking, the participation requirements are the same as those for the Sea Kayak Development Week (Level Red).


    ++ Must be able to swim ++
    ++ At least 10 days of sea kayaking experience on the sea (unless you are a whitewater kayaker who fancies trying something new) ++
    ++ You are confident in a kayak when there are waves and you can control your boat in tight situations (between rocks etc.) ++
    ++ Starting and landing in breakers of max. 1m ++
    ++ Experience of windy conditions (4 Bft or more) and currents ++

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    How to get to Jersey:

    • Rail

      ++ Take the train via Paris, Rennes and St-Malo ++
      ++ From there, catch the ferry to St Helier ++
      ++ From the port of St Helier, it's a short walk to Liberation Bus Station where you should then catch the
      1a bus, getting off at the St Clement Church stop. ++
      ++ Bakehouse Cottage, on St Clement Farm, is a minute's walk away ++

      If you wish, we can transport your kayak to Jersey on our trailer (additional charge: CHF 150)

    • Road

      ++ Car: carshare from Switzerland via St-Malo ++ From there, get the Condor Ferries car ferry to St Helier ++
      ++ Drive eastward from St Helier (Gorey), and then drive along Green Road (A5) to St Clement ++
      ++ Turn right into St Clement Farm and park near our trailer ++

      If you wish, we can transport your kayak to Jersey on our trailer (additional charge: CHF 150)

    • Aeroplane

      If you wish, we can transport your kayak to Jersey on our trailer (additional charge: CHF 150)

      ++ Flights via London Gatwick (EasyJet, British Airways) ++
      ++ Direct flights from Zurich with Blue Island ++

      ++ At the airport, catch the bus to Liberation Bus Station, then catch the
      1a bus, getting off at the St Clement Church stop. ++
      ++ Bakehouse Cottage, on St Clement Farm, is a minute's walk away ++

      If you wish, we can transport your kayak to Jersey on our trailer (additional charge: CHF 150)

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